The Complete Reward Program for Your Salon

Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Beauty Salons, etc. We have your back so you can do what you do best.

The Solution for Every Salon

A Unique Cross-Platform Customer Care & Digital Marketing Solution.

EZreward® Mobile App

Your Customer's Convenience

EZcheckin Station

Get to know your potentials

SMS Marketing

Automatic customer engagement


Fully integrated & expandable with EZsalon® Solution

EZreward® Mobile App

  • Customer Appointment Booking With Ease
  • Immediately Alert Customers To Your Promotions & Events
  • Update Your Customer Rewards Right After Service

EZcheckin Station

  • Welcome Walk-in Customers to Sign Up to Receive Promotions & Rewards
  • Conveniently Collect Your Potential Client Information
  • Automatically Check Out Your Customers with Updated Rewards
  • Seamlessly Integrated with EZreward® & EZsalon®

Autopilot SMS Campaign

  • Runs by itself
  • Sends out Appointment Reminders, Promotions, Event Invitations, and more
  • Sends out your warm welcome back to Long-Gone Customers
  • Sends out Review Proposals
  • The Best Part, It's Unlimited!


  • Seamlessly Integrated with EZreward® & EZsalon®
  • Expanded system capabilities when used together
  • Less work, more done

Your Salon is in good hands

We care about your business just like ours

Built for Your Salon

Our dedicated tools and applications are the most effective way to present your salon online. Stand out with a professional website and portfolio to establish your salon's online reputation.

Grow with Your Salon

Trusted by salon business owners with great visions and creative ideas just like you. We value your growth just like our growth.

Simple Pricing for You

First, answer this question: "How big do you want your business to grow?"
Then pick the one that matches your answer.
  • EZreward® Mobile App
  • EZcheckin
  • VBSportal
  • SMS Marketing
  • Website
  • Social Network
  • 25% Discount
  • FREE 1 Month

$ 179

  • FREE
  • FREE 2 Months

$ 249

  • FREE
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Power up your salon with EZreward® Solution
Save time, effort and money in your operation.
Beat the competition by earning more loyal clients

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